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Expense Management

Paygle integrates into a variety of Expense Management systems with ease. If your Expense Management system is not listed with Paygle, please contact us and we'll work with your Expense Management software provider so that integration can occur.

The Paygle Connect solution has been created to automatically and seamlessly integrate into any system, so that business travel becomes easier and the burden of ‘receipt and invoice’ collection is removed making the journey less administrative and efficient, so expense claims are easier and more timely.

An authorised eReceipt provider, Paygle can not only push eReceipts directly into your Concur instance, but it also has the smarts to automatically determine which organisation user should receive it.

Paygle's advanced technology also gives the ability to set and update additional expense entry data fields, once the eReceipt has been sent and matched to a credit card charge.

Paygle's integration with Xero allows the sending of receipts under Xero's Expense Claim module, or the sending of Bills under the Invoicing module.

Additionally, Paygle can facilitate the pass-through of Tracking Category data, ensuring that bills that are sent can be tracked how you need.

Integrate into Fraedom two ways: the delivery of invoices to the Fraedom Image Library, or for those On Account situations, as a data file designed to be consumed by the Fraedom TX Module.

Run an Expense Management system we don't currently integrate to? Using an Expense Management System that doesn't have good API integration?

That's not a problem for Paygle. Paygle's Transformation Engine can generate a file for upload in any format.

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If you are interested in Paygle and would like to find out how Paygle can help you with your Expense Management solutions, give us a call:

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